About us:

As women we know how much difference it makes to take care of small details that have a big impact on our routines. We know how much time it takes to get ready and most of the time our day-to-day can’t  take a change of plans, that’s why we have created Vientti Brow, a brand that helps you save time so you can try different looks while taking care of yourself.

In recent years eyebrows have taken a special place in our routines. Known as the "Frame of the face" we notice it can be a bit tricky to fill them while still making them look natural, that’s why we created Vientti Brow to help you achieve those natural looking eyebrows at home.

Vientti Brow will make your life easier, while helping you look gorgeous always without hurries because yes we know time is the most valuable thing a woman can spend.

It’s all about the brows ;)